Editorial: Nominate I2P for DuckDuckGo's FOSS project donation

DuckDuckGo, a privacy-aware search alternative to Google, is hosting a yearly contest to choose a software project for donations.

Using the DuckDuckGo forums, ideas for the winning project were solicited from DDG users.

I2P is a strong contender, with many of the forum posts asking for its support.


Malware Found Disguised as Anonymous Network I2P

Malware being disguised as the anonymous network I2P has been recently discovered by I2P developers.

Posing little threat to users with recent anti-virus software, it nonetheless serves as a warning against downloading software from unoffical sources.

Based on the outdated Dark Comet malware, it was dismissed as "incredibly lame" by community member Psi.


Data-mining, Law Enforcement Contractor Approaching Darknet Subreddits for Interviews

Darknet-related communities on the social news site Reddit have been recently contacted by a journalist representing Vocativ, a news agency with ties to government cybersecurity, data-mining, and law enforcement technology.

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